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Our Achievements

Watts Partners brings together years of experience from our service on Capitol Hill, in the White House, and in the military.  Our professionals also have experience in coalition-building, non-profit organizations, for-profit businesses, charities, and political fundraising.  Drawing on this experience, below is a sample of some of the successes we have achieved on behalf of our clients: 

  • Chair a financial services coalition consisting of leading trade associations and non-profit housing groups that support reform of the Government Sponsored Enterprises. 
  • Helped lead a bipartisan coalition to facilitate the reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act in the U.S. House and Senate. 
  • Recruited bipartisan Congressional cosponsors to major tax legislation.
  • Worked with HBCUs and a major financial services company to establish the Financial Literacy Curriculum Development program.
  • Developed a bipartisan campaign for National Minority Health Awareness Month.
  • Led a coalition of bipartisan legislators and U.S. companies in a targeted campaign to promote a $15 billion presidential initiative related to HIV/AIDs in Africa and the Caribbean.
  • Helped to develop the strategy and successfully lobbied to have the Federal Transit Agency (FTA) and the Congress agree to reallocate funds to a major municipal improvement program.
  • Lobbied to acquire authorization and appropriations for the repair of a major city transportation system.
  • Developed the strategy and successfully lobbied to have HUD reprogram $25 million in Urban Development Action Grant funds allocated for a major U.S. city.
  • Developed the strategy and successfully lobbied to acquire $1.5 million for an important bridge project for a major city.
  • Lobbied and acquired $11 million in funding from EDA for a downtown shopping and office complex in a major western city.
  • Secured $8 million in defense conversion funding from EDA for job training programs for DOD employees displaced by closure of a major military installation.
  • Lobbied and acquired $6 million from the U.S. Department of Labor for Youth Job Training programs for a U.S. city.
  • Secured $4 million in funding from the Department of Commerce to assist in developing a technology park that created 65 new high-tech jobs in the inner city of a major metropolitan area.
  • Helped a small southern city obtain a $500,000 USDA Rural Development Community Facilities Grant—the largest ever awarded in the state.
  • Lobbied and acquired $1.8 million in U.S. Army Corps of Engineers funds for water and sewer construction in a small U.S. city.
  • Lobbied and acquired a $1 million FY 2004 COPS grant for a police department in a small U.S. municipality. 
  • Acquired the legislative authorization for a $25 million water resources development project in a small U.S. city.
  • Developed strategy for expansion of a national grassroots economic development organization headquarters for federal legislative advocacy programs. 
  • Drafted legislation and recruited congressional sponsors to provide operating support for local community economic development organizations.
  • Represented cities that provide medical services through city-owned hospitals and clinics in distressed neighborhoods.
  • Helped acquire $1.8 million in federal highway funding for street improvements on behalf of a small U.S. city.
  • Helped secure $60 million through HUD’s Section 108 Community Development Block Grant Program for a major U.S. city.
  • Helped secure $250 million Department of Defense contract for minority-owned company for military housing privatization. 
  • Helped secure a $4 million contract with a major western U.S. city for a large software company.
  • Raised millions of dollars for political action committees and non-profit organizations.
  • Launched grassroots advocacy campaigns for leading trade associations.

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